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Los Angeles, CA USA

As a kid, singer-songwriter Annahstasia Enuke says she used to hear actor Morgan Freeman’s voice in her head. His distinctly rich baritone narrated her younger years as pleasantly as it does on screen. “The way I see things is very cinematic,” she says, touching on a childhood growing up in Los Angeles and classifying her identity and artistic practice as steeped in fantasy and romanticism. When Annahstasia writes a song, it embodies a world of its own. Her rose-colored perspective is elucidated by her enchantingly sumptuous and acrobatic voice, one she developed through a lasting appreciation for complex vocalists like Bill Withers, Nina Simone, and Janis Joplin, artists she was first introduced to via an iPod her uncle gifted her for her 14th birthday. “Those were the first musicians that I felt lended their voice to their music and not the music to their voice,” she explains. Annahstasia’s own stunning voice is the powerline that weaves together her forthcoming folk-rooted record, Revival, a delicately produced project that both renewed her love of music after a period of uncertainty, and facilitated a potent resurgence of self.