Xeno Walk 1 : Viv Corringham and #Vivas




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Xeno Walk is an Augmented Reality audio walk of the voices and sound works by activist and sound producers who embrace the collage as a tool of aural exploration. The sound walk features the artworks of #VIVAS, a Latin America-based collective producing sound works from field recordings of social demonstrations and Viv Corringham’s Shadow Walks, Collage Feministes & Feminicides Paris and Montreal created from embodied experiences in the public space. The walk’s sound design will take the form of a collage mixing their soundtracks and their interviews.
The audio will be activated through the listener’s walk, using the cellphone geolocation to trigger the sounds in the selected routes. In this walk, the listener will hear the interviews in three different languages, Spanish, English and French. The path of each sound collage will be visible on the digital map with the soundtrack’s name and interviewee description card. The listener can choose to experience this walk using headphones; however, this AR project is meant to be heard as a collective soundwalk with two or more persons. For the premiere of this project, the artist will organize an aural participatory performance, inviting the public to bring their Bluetooth or by using their cellphone speakers (BYOS) to occupy the streets with the interviews voices and soundscapes.
The sonic walk will be located at the intersection of Van Horne Stakepark and Champs des possibles in connection with wheat-paste phrases responding to #Vivas and Corringham works regarding gender, sound, space, and creative inclusion. The AR route is designed to be launched and presented as three participatory walks as part of Calling Planet Earth! Ligne d’alerte!, an event organized by Undefine Radio.

The sound design will be produced in collaboration with the sound artist Jenn Grossman, who will produce a soundtrack of these walks as binaural tracks for listeners who can’t access the physical walk and for the radio programming. This sound walks will be designed mixing the artist soundtracks, interview extracts, and a binaural field recording of the location.
The explanation of the project, map route, artist bios, and binaural walk tracks, will be congregated in a project website accessible to the public in Montreal and beyond.