Art POP x Projet Tabloïd




Art POP x Projet Tabloïd
September 20th to October 20th in the urban space.
By focusing on accessibility and cultural democratization, Projet Tabloïde hopes to become a showcase for the work of emerging and professional artists. By taking place directly in the urban space and adopting an ephemeral program, Tabloid seeks to enliven the curiosity of passers-by and to punctuate their wandering with a framework for contemplation. Echoing the traditions of street art and the reappropriation of public space, the images are installed using the wheatpaste technique in an unconventional format. The result is a unique finish that marks the passage of pedestrians while highlighting the work of the creators.

Projet Tabloïd
Mont-Royal/Saint-Hubert Street, Montreal, Quebec

It will feature the work of Holly Chang who is part of the exhibition //At a distance – from within// at Projet Casa (
4351 Av. de l’Esplanade, Montréal, QC H2W 1T2).

Photo: Holly Chang – Design by John Mendoza