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POP Montreal & Hot Docs present:
Isabel Castro | USA, 2022 | 85 min
OCT 2, 1:15 PM, Cinéma Moderne

This arrestingly cinematic documentary follows Doris Muñoz, an artist manager and poster child for the elusive American dream. Born of undocumented immigrants, the young Latina businesswoman used her love of music, eye for talent, and unwavering determination to catapult her first client Cuco to international stardom. With success came financial security and a shot at permanent residency for her parents. But the global pandemic forced a total reset. When Cuco fires Muñoz, he throws her dreams and her implicit familial obligations into jeopardy. After a brief pause to regroup, Muñoz is ready to try again with someone new, a remarkably talented artist for whom the stakes and pressures are every bit as high. Scored by Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro)!